Starting a business

Starting and running a business is a time-consuming effort – so it’s no wonder if you feel winded sometimes.

We wanted to help you to get on top things by putting together an information package that, hopefully, answers many of the questions that you may have.

Kinno business counseling is free-of-charge and absolutely confidential. Please feel free to contact us with any issue – we’re here to help. We are part of the enterprise agency chain Uusyrityskeskus.

Do you have a business idea?

In that case, let’s schedule an appointment for our start-a-business counseling! In this personal counseling session, we will review the business idea, in detail, together, paying special attention to viability and funding issues.

After the session, you’re in a better position to consider whether it’s a smart move for you to launch a company. As many as 24 expert companies in our area participate in the operations of Uusyrityskeskus and we’re happy to refer you to them, should you require their assistance.

Expert at your service:

Timo Lehmusmetsä

Lehmusmetsä Timo

Business Advisor
+358 20 615 5957

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