Procurement agent supports companies and procurement units

What Procurement agent does

The procurement agent aims to increase the participation of small and medium enterprises in public procurement. The companies receive training in making bids and using e-tools. In addition, the activities create organized, continuous interaction between procurement units and region’s entrepreneurs, and promote the networking and collaboration of companies.

Procurement agent:

  • informs on requests for bids and purchases
  • assists companies in use of e-tools (bidding platforms, websites etc)
  • encourages companies to be active in making bids
  • lays groundwork to procurement together with procurement units
  • provides procurement units with market information
  • arranges market dialogue with procurement units and entrepreneurs

The public sector can guide the emergence of new innovations with its procurement policies, as well as boost the development of new business and markets. Regionally speaking, even small purchases may be highly relevant to the local business scene. At the same time, entrepreneurs have a responsibility to develop their operations and meet the criteria for e.g. eligibility and quality.

In order to make worthwhile bids, companies receive free counseling from the procurement agent.


Procurement agent contact info

Marita Melkko

Melkko Marita

Procurement Specialist
+358 20 615 5039

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