Circular economy takes off

Circular economy takes off

The Bio & Circular Economy is now advancing in a multidisciplinary manner and gaining momentum. Our region has a lot of potential to strengthen our vibrancy with the help of the emerging sustainable economy.

The strong legacy of Kymenlaakso industry and agriculture provide a solid foundation for building next-level manufacture and service business. Added value comes from the area’s logistical know-how and Kouvola’s highly competitive transportation corridor that connects Asia and Europe. Kouvola RRT is Finland’s only multimodal terminal featured in the EU’s TEN-T core network, linking with HaminaKotka, the largest export port in the country in terms of volume.

Versatile development & cooperation platforms connect different players for active collaboration. The platforms offer a clear-cut structure for companies, as well as education and research institutes and other actors, to help boost their business. Through close cooperation, smart processes are created that uncover different needs and find the suitable solutions.

The engine for the development of local Circular Economy is Hyötyvirta business area, located in the heart of Kymenlaakso. In addition, a digital operating environment is being built to drive the emerging network cooperation/development activity.

Reach goals via collaboration – join us!

Let’s find some common ground – and make sure we can hit the targets.


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