NERO-project results published

Investing in nearly zero-energy wooden buildings helps combat climate change. Wood is becoming the next go-to construction material to help reduce the construction industry’s carbon footprint and lifelong carbon emissions of building stock.   Wood is the answer The EU and EU national policies have stepped up efforts to combat climate change by boosting wood...

Innovative approaches to Green Public Procurement

The new Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP) recognises Green Public Procurement (GPP) as an excellent opportunity for national, regional and local governments to drive a shift towards more sustainable products and services.

Bringing together

The target groups and beneficiaries of the project in St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Leningrad Region and South-East Finland will include SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, business accelerators and support institutions, business experts and mentors, as well as relevant municipal, regional and national authorities.
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