A Trans-S3 workshop for GoSmart BSR -project was held in Kouvola on 23rd March 2018

The GoSmart BSR –project invited high-profile experts of the Kymenlaakso smart specialization strategy (S3) to the transnational strategy (Trans-S3) workshop, which was held in Kouvola on Friday, 23rd March. In the workshop, two proposals were studied and discussed: 1) the Trans-S3 methodology and how it is implemented, and 2) the preliminarily identified Trans-S3 domains and priorities. These proposals have been drawn up during the first months of the project implementation in collaboration with all the project partners, and they are based on the regional/national S3 of the GoSmart BSR regions.

Representatives of public sector, research organizations and regional development companies participated in the workshop. In a smooth cooperation, the proposed Trans-S3 methodology and the initial priorities were examined, and they were reflected to the Kymenlaakso S3. It was considered and discussed how they match with the expertise, knowhow, expectations and possibilities of our region, how they could be utilized and how the business, especially the SMEs, could participate in the Trans-S3 implementation. The participants commented, gave constructive feedback and suggestions on development and modifications.

The results of the Kouvola Trans-S3 workshop will be reported to the other GoSmart BSR project partners. In each GoSmart BSR -region a similar workshop is organized, and according to the results and reports, the Trans-S3 methodology and priorities will be verified.

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