The new container route Kouvola-Xi'an has been opened

Press release 10th Nov. 2017 - The first container train on Railgate Finland, Kouvola-China Express, has started its journey from Kouvola to Xi´an, China on 10th November. The train was loaded with forest industry products, among other things. Antti Häkkänen, the Minister of Justice, highlighted the positive employment effects of the new transportation route in the city of Kouvola.

Minister Häkkänen announced that he was very pleased with the new route opened between Kouvola and China.

“China is the European Union’s second most important trade partner, which makes it critically important to develop connections between Europe and China.  Also in terms of Finland's imports and exports and international trade, a railway link between Europe and Asia is highly relevant.”

Minister Häkkänen highlighted the meaning of well-functioning infrastructure in railway logistics in Kouvola. He pointed out, that developing the railway logistics has a great positive effect on employment.

“Kouvola hosts the biggest railway logistics centre and marshalling yard in Finland. We must ensure that the Kouvola railway and land transport terminal can be developed to meet the increasing demand.”

“This will also have a positive effect on employment, as it will provide a significant number of new jobs in the Kouvola area. “

“Railgate Finland, Kouvola - China Express will open up new business opportunities to entirely new product groups for which air transport has been too expensive, but maritime transport too slow. In addition to China, the transport corridor contributes to Japan, Australia and South Korea, and to imports to Europe and the Nordic Countries”, says the Managing Director Martti Husu, from Kouvola Innovation Oy.

European freight train services from China are overburdened and hampered by a cronic container shortage. Thanks to the new route´s speed, the train also enables refridgerated goods to be transported and the transport of seasonal goods and products requiring special conditions.

Transport via Kouvola will make the route up to 2000 km shorter. The track gauge is similar to that used in Russia, which means that time-consuming reloading needs to be performed only once. The route is operated by KTZ Express, Kazakhstan Railway's transport and logistics service provider.

The transport corridor has been developed actively since 2013 by Kouvola Innovation Oy in cooperation with the City of Kouvola, and both local and international businesses and partners.

Photo by Johannes Wiehn:   Mrs Yuhui Huang, Deputy Director, Administration Committee of Xi'an International Trade & Logistic Park, Mr Sergei Sinelnikov, Acting Trade Representative of the Russian Federation, Mr Chen Li, H.E. Ambassador of the People's Republic of China Mr Murat Nurtleuov, H.E. Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr Antti Häkkänen, Finlands Minister of Justice and Mrs Marita Toikka, Mayor of Kouvola City.


Video of the Railgate Seminar in Kouvola also held in 10th November 2017


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