BLOG - June 17th 2016

1st of June 2016) The study of  DGG (Deutsche GVZ-Gesellschaft) on Freight Villages in Europe ranked Kouvola Railgate Finland Terminal as the 32nd best Freigh Village in Europe. Kouvola‘s ranking is the best among the terminals in the Nordic Countries and it is the only terminal having DGG ranking in Finland.  Read more: http://www.gvz-org.de/index.php?id=190&L=1

Kouvola Railgate Finland – a Connector Node between the EU and Asia

Kouvola is labelled as the only railway core inland node in the European TEN-T network in Finland and it also functions as the Eastern nodal end point of the TEN-T Scandinavian – Mediterranean core network corridor.  Because of the geographical location of Kouvola in the South-East Finland, it is highly important node for the transport and logistics sector’s on-going development, since it is a real connector terminal between the EU TEN-T core network and Eastern main corridors for Russia, Kazakhstan and China.

The Kouvola Rail Road terminal’s (RRT) development is targeted to improve the connection of corridors’ end-points. The direct corridor connections between the EU and Far East destinations in Asia and the Arctic area will be a very important factor for the fluent logistics and transportation system in Europe and world-wide. It will remarkably affect the sustainable economic development, new business possibilities and prosperity in the wider area. 


Kouvola Railgate Finland’s New Functionalities

The transport terminals are in key position, when creating successful transport system and structures. The cooperation between terminals is needed, when we are targeting to improve transit times and efficiency of transportation in the constellation of autonomous business freight operators and actors.

It is the terminals, which serve to interconnect transportation networks and allow the connections of different transport modes, as well as integration of fluent transportation of the last mile connection with long distance freight chains. Terminals also play an increasingly pivotal role in formation of sustainable transport modes instead of hazardous and unsustainable methods.

Kouvola - as the railway logistics capital of Finland - has developed its terminal area, port-hinterland functionality and EU-Asia corridor functionality intensively. An on-going work is targeting to the facilities of modern intermodal open access terminal, making possible the full operations of 1100 m long containers and making available all facilities and functionalities of next the generation intermodal terminal.

With active international cooperation of transportation sector actors and clusters, Kouvola is targeting to the open access terminal with a very wide business cluster, guaranteeing fluent transportation and logistics all-service system and rapid networks to all directions.


Simo Päivinen
Development Director, Freight Village

Kouvola Logistics Center