Kinno lands its first EU Horizon2020 project – and its first EU project coordinator position

The European Union ranked high the application – drawn up in spring 2016 – concerning the funding of NERO project (Cost reduction of Nearly Zero-Energy Wooden buildings in the Northern Climatic Conditions).

The application was approved on 25 January, 2017. The funding agreement will be worked out during spring 2017. The project budget for implementation period of 2018-2020 is over EUR 1.8 million, with Kinno receiving approximately EUR 480,000. The project’s status as a EU coordination and support action project translates into 100% funding support, meaning, in essence, that the entire funding for the project comes from the EU.

The project, coordinated by Kouvola Innovation, has significant partners such as Sintef AS from Norway, City of Växjö’s economic development company Kommunföretag AB from Sweden, Tallinn University of Technology from Estonia and Aalto University from Finland.


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