FLOW-HOW: A look into Circular Economy in the Kouvola Region

What is circular economy?

Circular economy is rather new term which, however, encompasses a whole range of things familiar to us. Circular economy is not only about recycling waste; the main idea behind circular economy is boosting the use of any and all resources. The target is not to create any waste. This means keeping materials in circulation for as long as possible. Circular economy is something that concerns us all and it is a significant issue on both EU and national level. According to the circular economy agenda outlined by the Finnish Government, Finland will be a true pioneer of circular economy by 2025.  

All of us can promote circular economy by taking a proactive, positive stance. In many cases, also multi-level collaboration between consumers, residents, companies and public actors is needed.  


A look into Circular Economy in the Kouvola Region


A Brochure, cases:

  • Turning grain dust into energy
  • Top products from renewable, domestic biogas
  • New life for scrap paper
  • Introducing: Circular Buildings
  • Recycling All-Rounder     
  • Waste streams: brimming with opportunity
  • Pay It Forward

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Kinno works to promote Circular Economy according to the needs of local companies, the community and its residents, considering also the opportunities and potential inherent in the region. Kinno develops new expertise, brings players together and builds networks that implement circular economy solutions. Steering education, research and development resources into practical pilot projects is the lifeblood of Kinno.     

Kinno collaborates with national material efficiency specialist Motiva and various regional development companies to enhance synergies in the field of resource efficiency. In addition, a unified, local education pipeline in being developed.

One key aim at Kinno is to help local companies to come up with new Circular Economy concepts, products and services, with an eye on exports, as well.