Co-operation for the Northern Corridor goes ahead

Department of Commerce of Shaanxi Province from the People’s Republic of China visited Kouvola to get to know the possibilities of The Northern Corridor, The RailGate Finland. The agreement for co-operation was signed between the partners.

”Kouvola has the areas, cargo handling and logistics ready for opening the transport corridor at any time. In addition, the local companies in our area offer versatile logistics services”, explained Development Director Simo Päivinen from Kouvola Innovation Oy.

Deputy Director-General of Commerce, Mr. Tang Yugnag emphasized the importance of The Northern Corridor for economical co-operation of the partners by quoting the adage of Chinese “When you want to become rich, construct a road first”.

Shaanxi has a population of 38 million and the province is an important industrial base in China’s mainland. At present Sxaanxi have identified potential mineral resources reserves accounting for about one-third of the country. Shaanxi is one of provinces with huge development potentials in China.

Many Finnish export companies are waiting for the opening of the Northern Corridor, actually it opens up possibilities for all Nordic Countries and the Northern Europe to benefit from the route. Chairman of the Board of Suppilog Ltd, Mr. Mikko Mäkirinne presented for the Chinese delegation the services of Suppilog Ltd: 

“We have established excellent relationships with senior Chinese business, government and logistics leaders – through this collaboration Suppilog is now in a position to offer a unique, turn key-solution to Nordic Suppliers, China Trading Platform”.