BLOG: Kouvola, the place to do business in a circular economy

Any type of excess moving and loading is pointless in the sense of the resultant costs and carbon footprints. That’s why, due to its location, it’s good that Kouvola can offer solutions for the handling and steering various branch currents. Whilst the region may have experienced its own share of misfortunes, especially when it comes to the paper industry, it has now been given the opportunity to provide properties and land areas to companies, especially in the area of a circular economy.

It’s also wonderful that the city of Kouvola has taken up an active role. In its strategy, the supporting of companies and the improving of the bio and circular economies have been taken into consideration.

At the end of the day, it’s nevertheless the “attitude” that counts. A question of working together at a regional level where everybody receives their own share of the development, or acting inside municipal borderlines, concentrating on one’s own businesses. Materials and the waste currents don’t care so much about such borders.

Kouvola Innovation Ltd, Kinno, is eager to co-operate with the actors in circular economies and to offer its know-how towards developing the region’s businesses.