Belor Agro picked Kouvola as its logistics anchor – and is glad it did

Belor Agro - Fertiliser terminal off to a great start! Salo-based Belor Agro picked Kouvola as its logistics anchor.



The new fertiliser terminal of Belor Agro – located in the Kullasvaara industrial area in Kouvola – is in full swing. The grand opening was in June 2015, but Marketing Manager Jarkko Kivelä says that the operations were, in fact, ramped up all through the spring.

”Now we can say that this project has met our expectations very well indeed,” the satisfied marketing manager assesses the almost three million euro investment.

There is 12,000 square metres of storage space in the terminal and about four hectares of terminal yards laid with asphalt.

”The total land area is even bigger than that,” adds Kivelä. The terminal employs about ten people.


Rock the rails!

Kullasvaara is a developing, dynamic area with a dedicated focus on smooth logistics. For fertiliser importer Belor Agro, having its own tailor-made rail connection is what makes all the difference.

”Our logistics partner is Kouvola Cargo Handling which is a strong local operator.”

Belor Agro is from Salo – from southwest Finland – so what made the company establish operations hundreds of kilometres away from its homebase? Kivelä says that the decision over the location of the new terminal was not made in an instant. There were alternatives just off the Russian border, as well as further inland – wherever there was a working rail solution. The company wanted to do its homework well, and that took time:

”You really can’t even imagine an investment of this size without getting all the facts first.”


Support from Kinno

Looking into opportunities in Kouvola, Belor Agro connected with Kouvola Innovation for advice. In the end, it was Kouvola’s superb location and connectivity that tipped the scale in city’s favor. Kouvola was simply the best bet for a company that imports goods from Russia and distributes them all over Finland. Kouvola could also provide a great plot that will serve the growing company’s needs now and in the future.

Founded in 2007, Belor Agro had some familiarity with the region, since the company previously had operations in nearby Nastola. However, the Nastola premises were rental, and Belor Agro’s management started to dream about a terminal of their own as sales volumes kept growing and growing. In addition, the company R&D required space, too.


Fast Track Construction

So it came to be that – after a long process – a decision was made in the spring of 2014 to build a modern, efficient terminal in Kouvola. According to the initial plans, the terminal was supposed to be ready by the year’s end, but getting the building permit took some time and the schedule needed to be revised.

”We got the building permit in October and started fierce construction to get the terminal all ready to go,” Kivelä looks back in November 2015.

The new terminal has already made it possible to add some new products into the Belor portfolio. And there’s more to come, too:

“We will keep developing operations,” Kivelä promises.