Sole entrepreneurs: How to apply corona-related support

Support may be granted if the financial situation and turnover have deteriorated between 16.3. and 31.8.2020. Closing date for applications is 30.9.2020.

Note! Support can be applied for in parallel with the extended unemployment cover for entrepreneurs.

Who is the support for?

  • Full-time sole entrepreneurs (irrespective of the legal form of the activity) who, according to the YTJ, are domiciled in Kouvola
  • There is only one entrepreneur in the company and there is no paid workforce
  • If an entrepreneur employs 1-5 people in addition to himself/herself, but has laid them off, this is considered to be within the scope of the ELY Centre's services.
  • If the entrepreneur has dismissed his / her employee(s) and at the time of the application does not employ anyone other than himself / herself, he / she is considered to be a sole entrepreneur
  • The entrepreneur has YEL insurance or the entrepreneur can present at least an annual entrepreneurial income or invoicing of at least 20,000 euros
  • The company's financial situation has clearly deteriorated due to the corona epidemic after 16.3.
  • The company has no tax debt or, if so, a payment plan has been madefor sole entrepreneurs
  • The entrepreneur intends to continue doing business after the corona epidemic
  • Funding is not granted to agricultural, fishing and forestry companies or to the processing of agricultural products.
  • Support to sole entrepreneurs is conditional on full-time entrepreneurship, in which case there must be no other income, such as wage income from employment.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has changed the criterion for sole entrepreneurs receiving pension (updated on 7.5.2020). Retired self-employed people can also receive support. Previously, other sources of income, such as pension and employment income were excluded from the criteria. A person now considered to be a full-time sole entrepreneur can receive support if he/she fulfils the other conditions for the support i.e.

  • is on the YEL register, or
  • can present a minimum revenue or invoicing of EUR 20,000, and
  • the economic situation and turnover have deteriorated after 16 March 2020, and
  • the sole entrepreneur can be considered to have the conditions for a profitable business.

Amount of Support

One-off payment of EUR 2,000

Information required for the application:

  • Basic information of the applicant
  • Description of the business operation
  • Information on the De minimis aid previously received during the current fiscal year and during the previous two fiscal years (if received)
  • Stabilization plan (how you plan to use the support)


  • Financial statements 2019 / latest financial statements or tax return 2019 / latest tax return
  • Copies of the accounts and / or statements of account (expenses and sales) must verify deterioration of the financial situation and turnover of the sole entrepreneur’s business after 16.3.2020. A significant decrease can be considered  if the sales revenues have decreased by 30% or more after remaining almost at the same level during the previous 12 months. In the seasonal business, the development of sales revenues of the previous season is compared.
  • Decision-making relies on the notification provided by the entrepreneur in the application form, as well as on the attachments sent in connection with the application or on a document submitted in writing, which otherwise shows a decrease in sales revenue of 30 percent or more.
  • If the decrease in sales revenue occurs later, it is possible to apply for the support until 30.9.
  • A certificate of tax debt. Entrepreneurs can check their outstanding tax debt in the BIS Business Information System, with the exception of private traders (‘toiminimi’), who use the MyTax service. If the entrepreneur has tax debt, a payment plan approved by the Tax Administration to pay the debt.

Tax Administration's instructions for ordering a tax debt certificate here.

Acceptance of conditions of the support

When applying, the entrepreneur must certify that the information is correct.

Applying for support:

Fill in the online application, which is here.

Completing the form requires strong identification.

For more information on the application process or how to complete the application:

Jukka Antila, tel. +358 20 615 6365,
Leena Gardemeister, tel. +358 20 615 8191,
Timo Lehmusmetsä, tel. +358 20 615 5957,
Aleksandra Turunen, tel. +358 20 615 8140,
Jukka Ikonen, tel. +358 20 615 5484,


You can also fill in a paper application form and submit it to the Kouvola Innovation office (Paraatikenttä 4). With regard to the paper application form, please note that you must reliably prove your identity when returning the application to Kinno.

Questions and answers on support available to sole entrepreneurs in a coronavirus situation on the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s website, look here.


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