Innovation consultation

Competitive innovations are born in environments, where different knowledge, needs and interests meet.

Companies look to innovations for competitive edge – and yes, sometimes companies come to exist solely because of innovation. This is the case especially when a new company is launched in order to commercialise a certain innovation.

Here at Kinno we feel that an innovation can be a new hit product, technological solution or production process – but, at the same time, a new business model, value chain or value network fits the bill, as well. In fact, trying to define innovation too narrowly goes against the very idea of innovation.

Do you have a killer innovation that can power up a business? – Come over to Kinno for a chat, and we’ll see about making it fly. Our innovation counselling is provided completely free of charge – so this is your exception to the ‘No free lunches’ rule.

Got a killer concept? Protect it!

You can also contact Kinno if you need assistance in protecting a product/service idea or additional input for product development (and its funding). We will get you the info you need and guide you onwards to relevant public services.

We work in collaboration with ELY (Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment) innovation expert, TEKES experts and venture capitalists. Via Product Track programme, it is possible to move quite fast and find out what the experts and funders think of the idea.

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Antila Jukka

Business Advisor
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