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In the starting phase of any business, you need money – but how do you know how much exactly and where can you get some?

The kick-off investments don’t have to be big. If the business revolves around selling the entrepreneur’s expertise (under the ‘one man, one laptop’ principle), we’re talking about a lot easier launch cash-wise, if one were to start, say, a fine dining restaurant.

In any case, one should map out the need for funding – and the available sources of funding – right in the beginning. As the business plan is drawn up, one gets a better picture of the funding needs. This is where Kinno can step in and help out, since we know a whole lot about the issue.

We will help the company to compose funding applications and chase down the necessary paperwork – among these, the funding/profitability calculations and a detailed business plan. Especially if you’re only now starting out as an entrepreneur, the world of finances may appear as a rather bureaucratic jungle. No matter: Kinno knows the pathways that will take you where you want to go.

Partner power by Finnvera

In order to guarantee the best possible service, Kinno works in close collaboration with the regional financing organizations as well as Finnvera Oy. We compile current information on available funding opportunities and arrange negotiations with both public and private finance players.

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