Renaissance on the Rails

It is no secret that the Kouvola Region boasts world-class logistics: The largest freight marshalling yard in Finland is located right here, along with almost 200 transport and freight handling companies. 

Kouvola’s excellent location along three key roads makes the city the leading dry harbour in the land, catering to the needs of the major ports of South Finland.  Still, it feels – in a sense – like we’re just warming up for something big.

Kouvola is designated by the EU Commission as the only TEN-T core network terminal in Finland. In order to take logistics to another level, the City of Kouvola launched the Rail Road Terminal Project in 2015, with the stated aim of creating Finland’s first large-scale intermodal terminal, complete with state-of-the-art Logistics Park services.

By 2030, Kouvola wants to be one of the most important logistical hubs in Northern Europe. Building “the Smart Corridors of tomorrow” will start today – is your company up for the challenge?